A Wise Man Once Said...

By Keith Windle

A wise man once said “the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour”.

With this in mind, we find it strange just how many of our tenants move out of our rental property and into another one, without the new property manager contacting us. Naturally you would think the first thing the new property manager would do is to give us a call and ask “what were they like?”

If the tenant was always behind in rent, or constantly had parties every weekend, naturally you would think that they would likely continue this behaviour in the new property. Not that our tenants are doing this now – we screen them to the highest standard to minimise the potential of this risk. We just find it strange the amount of times other real estate agents don’t check.

When we check, how do we know we are speaking to the right person? Many tenants are providing us with mobile telephone numbers. There is no way of knowing if this is actually the previous real estate agent’s number. So a simple little check we’ve added – Google. That’s right, simply Google the previous agent for their office number. We also employ the same strategy for verifying their employment details too.

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A Wise Man Once Said...