How to buy cheaper (and sell higher)

Here is a way that is virtually guaranteed to save you thousands when buying and selling real estate – Ask the selling agent “What will they  take?”, “What offers have they had ?”, “What do you think it’s worth?” and “Why are they selling?”

It’s amazing how many times you can find out important and supposedly private information by asking these questions.

Also check on the advertising history to see how long its been for sale and if it was a failed auction or has been “open for inspection” for months (simply search the address on google) You then will be more informed before you start negotiating.

An agent’s job is to get the most for their seller clients and keep this information confidential – so if you’re thinking of selling, it’s a good idea to “secret shop” the agent to find out if they give away too much valuable information (before you choose the agent).

Selling high and buying low can easily add up to savings in the tens of thousands of dollars!


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How to buy cheaper (and sell higher)