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Claudia Carstairs

Tenancy Manager

About Claudia

Claudia Carstairs is our dedicated Tenancy Manager, responsible for providing clients with accurate information about potential residences and ensuring the highest level of customer service. With a background in the hospitality industry spanning over 12 years, Claudia brings a wealth of experience and a passion for helping people find their ideal home.

Originally hailing from Perth and now residing in Brisbane, Claudia's transition to the real estate industry has been seamless, thanks to her strong customer service skills and commitment to delivering exceptional results. As a tenancy manager, she takes pride in assisting clients throughout the process, ensuring they receive all the necessary information and support to make informed decisions about their future residence.

Beyond her professional achievements, Claudia is an enthusiastic home cook who enjoys experimenting with new recipes and flavours. She also loves exploring the vibrant restaurant scene in town, seeking inspiration from different cuisines and dining experiences.

Claudia finds inspiration in the quote, "It doesn't really matter who you used to be; what matters is who you've become" by Robert Tew. This quote resonates with her belief in personal growth, embracing change, and focusing on the present moment to create a better future. It serves as a reminder to herself and others that transformation and self-improvement are continuous journeys.

What truly motivates Claudia in her role is the opportunity to meet new people and help them find their future residence. She finds great fulfillment in guiding clients through the process and witnessing the joy and excitement they experience when they discover their perfect home. For Claudia, the rewards of assisting individuals and families in finding their ideal living space are immeasurable.

With her unwavering dedication, customer-centric approach, and passion for helping others, Claudia is a valuable asset to our team. Her commitment to providing exceptional service, coupled with her warm and approachable nature, ensures that each client receives personalized attention and support throughout their tenancy journey.

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