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Eliza is our dedicated Office Manager who plays a pivotal role in the efficient functioning of Tim Altass Real Estate. With over 13 years of experience within the company, Eliza has progressed through various roles, showcasing her expertise and commitment to excellence.

Eliza's responsibilities encompass a wide range of crucial tasks, including accounting, complaints management, payroll administration, and acting as the point of contact for our esteemed clients with large property portfolios. She excels in developing and implementing policies and procedures that enhance our operational efficiency. Additionally, Eliza oversees procurement and general office management, ensuring a streamlined workflow for our entire team.

Starting as a receptionist during her high school years, Eliza's passion for real estate and determination to succeed led her to become an assistant property manager after completing her studies. Through her dedication and hard work, she steadily progressed to the position of senior property manager and, ultimately, her current role as Office Manager. This journey exemplifies her commitment to professional growth within the company.

Eliza's expertise extends to complex and commercial property management, allowing her to effectively handle clients with property portfolios worth millions of dollars. Her ability to navigate intricate challenges and provide optimal solutions has earned her the trust and confidence of our valued clients.

Beyond her professional achievements, Eliza finds fulfillment in her personal life. She cherishes spending quality time with her young daughter, husband, and pets. Gardening and baking bring her joy and allow her to unwind from the demands of her role. Eliza's love for the outdoors also extends to hiking, where she finds solace and inspiration in nature's beauty.

One of Eliza's core beliefs is the value of setting and achieving important goals. The sense of accomplishment she derives from overcoming challenges and problem-solving makes her job fulfilling. She takes pride in utilizing her skills to resolve issues for our clients, ensuring their satisfaction and peace of mind.

Eliza's passion for continuous learning is evident in her dedication to personal development. She consistently seeks opportunities to expand her knowledge and refine her skills, allowing her to stay abreast of industry trends and best practices.

As our Office Manager, Eliza's commitment, problem-solving abilities, and passion for learning make her an invaluable asset to Tim Altass Real Estate. Her role is pivotal in maintaining the high standards we set for ourselves and delivering exceptional service to our clients.

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